I’ve had this recipe saved for a long time now…  I think I filed it away last football season, thinking it would make a fun sports-night dinner.   I finally dusted it off a few weeks ago and decided to make it because we were having a “clean out the freezer” week.   I had some frozen chicken breasts and knew I wanted to use them in a crock pot dinner – the easiest way possible.

This recipe is turned out great, my husband loved it and we had leftovers for a few days.  I chose to leave out the butter and I bought butter-free wing sauce.  Make sure to look at the label because the sauces with butter will add a lot of unnecessary fat.  This is a much lighter way to get your fill of buffalo wings and it could not be any easier!  I served the chicken on whole wheat buns with a side of salad and celery sticks.

Click here for the recipe.

Fruit Pizza

A few weekends ago I traveled home for my mom’s birthday.   Her gift was a new grill so needless to say, we planned a nice cookout for her birthday dinner.  I’m usually the cake baker among my family and friends but I’ve become a little tired of cakes and the mess, prep work, and clean up involved.   I decided to make something new and fun, it’s not your traditional birthday cake but this dessert was perfect for our cookout.

The crust is like a combination between shortbread and sugar cookies, with a fruit dip on top and then decorated by the fruit of your choice.  My sister and I decorated the top and I was pretty impressed by how everything turned out…..both beautiful and delicious.

I looked at many recipes on allrecipes.com and came up with my own adaptation.  If you want to make your own crust, try the crust for this recipe, it’s pretty easy.  If you are pressed for time you can simply use store bought sugar cookie dough like this recipe. For the topping I mixed 8 oz of softened cream cheese with 1 small jar of marshmallow fluff, added 1 tsp. vanilla and spread it on the cooled crust.  I bought fruit that looked the best and after chilling the crust for about 1 hour, I decorated the pizza.  Both of these recipes include a glaze which adds a shiny, professional finish to the pizza.  I chose to leave that part out because it didn’t seem necessary.  The pizza was a huge hit, my husband is already asking me to make it again!

I saw Ellie Krieger make these truffles on TV a month or so ago and I knew I’d be making them soon enough.  I thought the combination of figs and dark chocolate sounded amazing.

They look impressive but are actually very simple to make.

You simply combine figs, crystallized ginger, cinnamon, and honey.   Roll them into little balls, like these:

If you aren’t a fan of ginger you may not like these — I go back and forth on my opinion of ginger but in these, I actually did like it.  You chill the truffles for about 30 minutes or so and then dip them in melted dark chocolate (make sure you get a high quality chocolate).

I had some white chocolate chips leftover in the pantry so I melted a few to drizzle on the top…just make them extra pretty!

Mmmm!  Dried fruit and dark chocolate, a delicious and healthy treat!  Click here for the full recipe.

Wow, April flew by and was a slow blogging month….hopefully May will get more posts!

Sweet Potato Hummus; Pickled Eggs & Beets

Ask anyone who knows us, my husband and I eat a lot of hummus…. maybe 2 or 3 times most weeks, enough that we consider hummus its own food group.  We buy it at the store, stop for it at our favorite restaurant, and we make it at home.  I haven’t found a recipe that I’m really happy with, I’ve found some good ones, but I’m still always on the look out for more.

In my search for the perfect hummus recipe I ran across this recipe for Sweet Potato Hummus and had to make it right away!  I already had all of the ingredients on hand so I whipped up a batch for dinner.

The recipe is the same as a typical hummus recipe but with the addition of sweet potato.   This hummus is sweeter than traditional hummus and the sweet potato flavor is subtle.  It’s not the perfect hummus recipe that I had my heart set on but it’s something new and unique and, overall, pretty delicious.

I made my first batch of pickled eggs & beets of the year for Easter weekend! I know these aren’t for everyone, I didn’t even like them until a few years ago!!  They remind me of all things spring, summer, and family….this recipe has been in my family for years.

They are slightly sweet and best served cold.  Perfect for picnics, holidays and light afternoon snacking.  If I’m eating them alone I like to pair them with saltine crackers.


12 hard-boiled eggs, shelled

2 cans sliced beets

1 c. liquid reserved from beets

1 c. vinegar

1/2 c. brown sugar

2 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces

8 whole cloves
Drain liquid from beets and set beets aside. Add Sugar, vinegar, cinnamon and cloves. Boil mixture together for 10 minutes. Place eggs and beets in glass container. Pour in liquid.

Let stand in refrigerator for 1-2 days before eating (the longer, the better!) Also, when you have eaten all of the eggs you can place more in the leftover liquid and wait a few more days for another batch!

Note: this deep purple color was captured after 4 whole days of pickling! Mmm!

March Recipes

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